About Mary

  In this day and age, not only do children go missing, but so do adults; women and men of all ages. It is very hard on a family when their loved ones go missing. There is no other fear, than having a person you love and can not locate.


   At this time, the family needs to find their loved ones. They have enough going on without having people hammer them. They look for anyone to help them find their loved ones. They are frantic for help. And this is where Mary can help. Mary uses her intuition to help.

For many years, Mary has been helping people in different ways using her intuition. Now, she has decided to help other people by using her skills by becoming a Private Investigator, where she feels she will be able to reach out and help more people.

Mary also became a Master Hypnotist, so she can help even more. This tool is very handy in helping people remember events that they have otherwise forgotten. She is a member of the American Alliance of Hypnotists



                                                            Mary's other education includes:

Capella University


PhD in General Human Services

Did not complete due to personal reasons

Master's Certificate

Addiction Counseling


Master's in General Human Services completed

Mental Health Counseling

completed classwork changed to

General Human Services


University of South Florida

Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Social Science.... completed


Hillsborough Community College

 AA in Liberal Arts....completed 

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