In this day and age, not only do children go missing, but so do adults; women and men of all ages. It is very hard on a family when their loved ones go missing. There is no other fear, than having a person you love and can not locate.


   At this time, the family needs to find their loved ones. They have enough going on without having people hammer them. They look for anyone to help them find their loved ones. They are frantic for help. And this is where Mary can help. Mary uses her intuition to help.

What Mary's Clients say about her

July 2019
Mary is a wonderful woman. She is very knowledgeable in her field. Reasonable and listens to what you have to say

April 2019

Mary helped me find some lost family members. She found them fast. She was just as excited as I was. She is hands down the best! Amanda




March 2016


Mary Alimenti is a wonderful and compassionate woman. When my 16 year old granddaughter went missing, I called her as a friend to see if she could help me find my granddaughter.


Mary described an area she felt my granddaughter was. I called the police and told them what Mary said. They told me to have Mary come to Oklahoma.


Next thing i knew she was in Oklahoma from Tennessee, out in the woods helping me search for a body, but Mary never said she was dead. She said my granddaughter was in the area we were in.


Mary became involved with our local police department and a private investigator giving them information and her own thoughts about the situation. We did surveillance work with private investigators and law enforcement.



My granddaughter was found the next morning within a half block radius of where Mary said she was. Mary worked with the police, a private investigator and CPS on this case.


I would recommend you to anyone who has a missing loved one and needs help....thank you so much,



Private Investigator, Lenny... "She is safe in the custody of her grandmother thank you for being involved.  I feel you being here helped the investigation".


She did contribute a little bit,” Wagoner, Oklahoma, Police Detective Mike Hammons said. "She just kind of kept us informed." Alimenti shared details with the police department, some of which they already knew or suspected, Hammons said. “She said that (the girl) was out by the lake, which is where she was found – out by the lake,” Hammons said.


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